Seeking The Best Sustainable Streetwear Brands In The UK?

Love the effortless style of streetwear? 

The roots of this type of fashion can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s when surfers and skateboarders rocked this kind of style. Over the past few decades, streetwear has continued to grow in popularity for a number of different reasons.

Express yourself and promote ethical practices at the same time.

The design and aesthetic of this type of fashion makes it easy to incorporate into your personal style. It’s also a brilliant way to express your individuality, interests and values.

More than any other kind of fashion, Streetwear brands are influenced by pop culture, from music and sports to iconic figures. Many fashionistas therefore find them highly collectable and they often have a good potential resale value.

Goliath XXI has massive urban influences and was born out of black, particularly, Caribbean and African, culture. In particular, inner city challenges.

Since it incorporates graphic design and art, streetwear is some of the most artistic in the world.  It is a wearable form of art and the result of the utmost creativity and craftsmanship. Our particular style of artwork and influence comes from an authentic “New York Graffiti background”, where our founder was born and raised.

Whether you’re a man or woman looking to update your wardrobe this autumn, Goliath XXI can help you do it.