Stylish, Organic Streetwear that Pays Homage to Caribbean Culture

A streetwear brand born out of black culture, Goliath has many Caribbean and African influences, including the Rastas in Jamaica. 

This black youth subculture and religious movement arose in the ghettos of Kingston in the 1950s. Men grew their hair in long dreadlocks and wore woollen caps, while reggae music and marijuana became popular.

This was also when the striking green, gold and red colours, which feature on our Zion Lion T-shirt, became associated with the movement.

Organic Streetwear

A vibrant city known as the birthplace of reggae, Kingston has a diverse population with influences from Africa, Europe, and Asia, giving it a melting pot of cultures, traditions and cuisines. Besides reggae, Jamaica has influenced various music genres, including ska, dancehall and dub.

As a black-owned business, Goliath XXI loves bringing you Jamaican inspired fashion which is both socially conscious and made using sustainable materials.

Famous for its rich culture and beautiful landscapes, Jamaica has made many significant historical contributions to the world.

Perhaps its most well-known celebrity is the reggae legend, Bob Marley, whose music not only revolutionised the genre but also became a symbol of peace and unity worldwide.

Zion t-Shirt

Our Zion t-shirt is ideal for those who love Jamaican culture and are looking for streetwear made from sustainable fabrics.

In Rastafari, ‘Zion’ stands for a utopian place of unity, peace and freedom, instead of ‘Babylon’: the oppressive and exploitative system of the materialistic modern world. Other Rastas use the term ‘Zion’ to refer to Jamaica, or as a way to describe a state of mind.

This t-shirt will make a lovely gift for anyone who loves vibrant colours and more meaningful fashion.  Since it is a unisex t-shirt, it’s ideal for giving to men or women. It provides an oversized design which is perfect for relaxing during the warmer months.

What makes this t-shirt sustainable?

Like all our streetwear, it’s made using 100% GOTS certified ring-spun combed cotton. We also print with vegan inks that are vegetable derived. This ink is natural, good for the soil, and less polluting than petroleum-based inks. Unlike some inks, it contains no harmful chemicals.

We also use energy-efficient machines and our factory workers are protected by the Fair Wear Foundation. Once eac t-shirt is done, we make our original prints and our partners use renewable energy powered machines.

Our t-shirts are great Christmas presents for anyone who loves streetwear made from organic fabrics.

Why buy organic fabrics?

Organic fabrics are produced without harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilisers. This reduces the environmental impact, protecting soil quality, and maintaining biodiversity.

They’re also better for your health. Regular fabrics often contain traces of pesticides and chemicals used during cultivation or processing. Organic fabrics are free from these harmful substances, making them hypoallergenic and safer, especially for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Organic fabrics are also more sustainable. Organic farming practices focus on sustainability by using natural methods like crop rotation, composting, and biological pest control. This reduces the overall environmental footprint and supports more sustainable farming practices.

As a socially conscious brand, Goliath XXI committed to fighting for a wide range of causes. That includes helping people overcome inner city challenges.

Along with paying homage to Caribbean and African culture, Goliath XXI has a massive range of urban influences, from New York Graffiti to hip hop artistry. The style of artwork and influence comes from an authentic “New York Graffiti background”, where our founder was born and raised.

Find out more about our streetwear made from sustainable fabrics. Or simply get in touch for more information.